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Complying with HIPAA regulations is a critical component of protecting and safeguarding your patients' health information within your practice, or while coordinating care between providers. Conducting a HIPAA Audit is a key step in the IT asessment that every healthcare business should perform at least once annually. Our previous work for MPRO (Medicare Quality Review Contractor) and M-CIETA (Regional Extention Center for Michigan) involved conducting IT assessments of medical offices of various specialities and sizes in the S.E. Michigan region. This was part of the national and state level effort to encourage the adoption of electronic medical records. We were able to help numerous offices in their adherence to HIPAA regulations and help them understand where they should correct their policies and proceedures to secure their organization's compliance to the requirements. This is part of our comprehensive IT assessment.

Here is a pertinent timely article from our blog post, discussing the impact of Microsoft's decision to retire Windows XP, on your HIPAA compliance.

We also work with partners who understand the federal and local regulation, with particular specialization in the healthcare law domain. We can help you get in touch with them if you need additional assistance in this area.