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Leveraging information technology to optimize healthcare business processes
Med IT Systems is focused on creating value for our clients' business by optimizing their business processes using the best IT solutions for the healthcare industry. Our strength is our undivided attention to the healthcare segment. We believe that by concentrating our efforts within this single vertical, our service and product solutions will bring the best value to our customers. We are not a reseller. The reason is simple: we are client centric, not product centric.

Our Vision: Enabling the Healthcare rEvolution!

Our Mission: To improve the Quality of Business of healthcare professionals and be their preferred IT services partner.

Med IT Systems was founded in 2010, during a period of dramatic transformation in healthcare. The triple aim objectives (reduce cost, improve quality and patient satisfaction) were demanding healthcare professionals to adapt quickly to the changes sweeping their industry. This was brought on by the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 under President Obama, but the stage was set earlier during the Bush Administration.

The large entities and organizations with extensive resources at their disposal had a headstart, but the smaller players in the field were struggling to stay abreast of the changing regulations. The founders saw an unmet need at the small practice level that we intend to fulfill, by helping those that cannot afford to hire big name consultants, or pay for expensive additional IT staff.

We set ourselves this challenge: to stay focussed on helping our clients "Protect, Enhance and Grow" their healthcare business. The graphic above is illustrative of the "space" we operate within. We have dedicated our efforts in the pursuit of bringing innovative IT solutions to optimize your business processes.

We pride ourselves in being Healthcare Friendly and Patient Centric. Our advisory board is comprised of knowledgeable healthcare professionals and experienced IT partners. This gives us a unique perspective to be cognizant of industry specific requirements like HIPAA rules and regulations. We make it our business to keep up with the updates to the HITECH Act of 2009 and the recent healthcare reform legislation. We are constantly evaluating how we can better serve our customers in these transformative times. We continually develop our service products with a vision to enhance the provider-patient relationship.

A key feature of our service value proposition is our ability to bring together the right technical partner to implement your project. A recent example is the implementation of the Salesforce CRM platform at a medical devices company. Working with our Solutions Partner in Atlanta, we were able to find the right technology solution for a client located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We are an unbiased resource for your transition to electronic medical records. We help you leverage existing government and community resources to help your transition to the right EHR. We can also help you with the process to receive US Government incentives after the transition to EHR. As 2016 approaches, are you prepared for the next stage Meaningful Use requirements? What are the key questions to ask before you sign up with an HIE? Have you taken the time to evaluate your options with respect to which ACO you should join?

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